Reinventing the Hollywood Biography

Robert Matzen takes a different approach to the traditional Hollywood biography. In 2009 he teamed with Michael Mazzone to write Errol Flynn Slept Here, a book about Hollywood legend Errol Flynn that revealed the subject through an examination of the house he built. The following year, Matzen released Errol & Olivia about Flynn and long-time co-star Olivia de Havilland, in which each character’s perspective on the other tells their unusual love story.  His 2014 award-winning bestseller Fireball surprised reviewers with its unusual take on the life and death of screwball actress Carole Lombard.

Now Matzen presents Mission: Jimmy Stewart and the Fight for Europe, revealing bomber pilot Stewart as the real-life action hero in the story (hidden for 70 years) of what he did in World War II prior to returning home to star in the beloved It’s a Wonderful Life. In Mission, the author recreates the world of the actor-turned-soldier as seen through the eyes of Stewart himself as well as a young B-24 radioman, a German civilian, and the general of German fighters whose job it was to bring down Allied bombers under Stewart’s command. As the GoodKnight Books publicity materials state, “Meet the George Bailey you never knew, until now.”

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Robert’s Matzen’s books are published by GoodKnight Books, a boutique publisher of titles about Hollywood’s Golden Era.