Carole Lombard: As It Happens

Attention readers of this column and Carole Lombard fans everywhere. Join me on Twitter tomorrow and Friday for a very special event: “Carole Lombard: As It Happens,” with live Twitter feeds as we follow her realtime through her planned day in Indianapolis selling war bonds. We will then follow her home for a reunion with Clark Gable. Coverage begins early tomorrow morning, Thursday January 15, and continues Friday January 16 on Twitter. Join me at @Robert Matzen. For those of you not currently on Twitter, here’s your chance to sign up and get acquainted.


    1. This is exhausting, VP. It gives me a new appreciation for what this woman accomplished in these last days. I just visited your page for the tribute and was stunned to see Fireball there. Thank you for your kind words and for calling attention to the book as you have. It was a difficult book to write at times and I would stop writing for the day feeling drained and/or depressed. But there are positive messages in it–Lombard’s bigger-than-life living of her life. This is reflected in your annual tributes and in others on Facebook and elsewhere. It seems to me that Carole is more popular than ever. There are positives in the love that Carole spread and the hole she left in passing (that still isn’t filled). There are positives in Gable’s redemption. In the heroism of the first responders, and the brainpower that investigated the crash. Perhaps most importantly, a positive involved improvements to safety that resulted from this high-profile crash and investigation.

  1. Joined both your blog and Twitter today thanks to Vincent’s mention. While it’s not quite right to say I’m “enjoying” the timeline, considering the subject matter, it’s fascinating stuff and such an interesting idea. Looking forward to reading your back posts, too. 🙂

    1. Welcome, Jen, and thanks for following along on my Twitter experiment. Given that the dates fall on the days, it occurred to me as too good an opportunity to give people a feel for how events played out in 3D. Not just history on a page, but with the added element of time, which gives physicality to the story.

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